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Rachel Ford Ba QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) with Geography & Environmental Science.

“Did you know that the the human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period?”

Rachel Ford Ba QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) with Geography & Environmental Science.

Since graduating from Warwick University as a Primary School Teacher, I have spent the past 20 years working in schools both in Nottingham and Leeds and have taught in every year group from Nursery to Year 6.

During my early career I became a P.E Specialist and worked in the team which piloted ‘Wake & Shake’, (known in Leeds as ‘Wake-Up, Shake-Up’) this is not just a dance, as during the choreography stage particular attention it made to choosing dance movements which cross the body’s mid-line, in order to link the motor-neurons in both sides of our brain. Large dance moves also help to develop our gross motor skills which is essential to every child’s early development. ‘Wake & Shake’ will be an opening activity in a lot of my classes.

During the past ten years I have been part of the school’s Senior Management Team and have led our Early Years Nursery & Reception classes, which at any one time could be educating over 120 children. I feel that throughout the years I have grown even more passionate about engaging and inspiring young children and that it is now time to take my years of teaching, my reading and research and course knowledge (I could possibly have attended every Early Years course within the Council hand-book!) to another level. One where I can spend my time planning exciting activities with the educated knowledge and understanding on how to question and develop the ‘whole’ child. My main focus will be on developing the confidence and happiness of our young children and preparing them for a happy future.

Every baby, toddler and preschooler session is packed with educational, fun, stimulating activities with the aim of ‘developing confidence and happiness in our unique children’.


Bramhope Village Hall
Old Lane, Leeds. LS16 9AZ


Please email Rachel at hop.a.long@icloud.com


sessions are run by a Qualified Teacher & Early Years Specialist of 20 years experience.

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