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Developing Independent Happy Confident Children

My aim both as a teacher and a parent is to create happy, confident children who are engaged, motivated and critical thinkers; instilling in them that they can achieve whatever they choose to do.  I hope that my own children begin school with an abundance of self-belief, as this alone will enable them to participate in any challenge that is put in front of them.  Every stimulating activity will draw upon each child’s natural curiosity and will focus on the process of their learning.  The emphasis will always be on praising each individual skill that your child uses as they carry-out an activity NOT the final product.  I have seen too many young children who have become passive learners as their creativity has not been celebrated.

What’s included in a Beaming Bunny session?

‘Wake-Up, Shake-Up’ Dance

Each session will begin with a lively and engaging ‘Wake-Up, Shake-Up’ dance, this will enable your preschooler to develop their gross motor skills further.  The dance includes specific movements which cross over the imaginary midline, movements made which cross the midway of the body will deepen connections made between neurons in the left and right hemisphere of their brain.  ‘Wake-Up, Shake-Up’ will also help to develop your preschooler’s concentration span and improve their rhythm; to everyone participating it just simply feels and is a lot of FUN.

Marvellous Maths

This quick mathematical activity will focus on your preschooler reading and ordering numbers and understanding the concept of numbers.  During our ‘Numicon Number Paw’ activities you and your preschooler will become familiar with Numicon which is a tactile piece of mathematical equipment used in many Reception classes and Key Stage 1 classes.  During the focused activity which follows ‘Marvellous Maths’ children will be given the opportunity to embed their knowledge of numbers whilst Learning through Play.  

Fun activities have also been planned so that the children learn how to order objects by their size, use non-standard measures to determine the size of something, compare the weight of objects and volume of liquids as well as observing and naming flat and solid shapes. 

Focused Activity - A highly sensory, stimulating and engaging experience

These open-ended engaging activities have been planned in order to inspire bright young minds to take control of their learning.  They’ll be opportunities for your preschooler to dress-up and re-enact well known stories; to discover what is needed for seeds and plants to grow; to use shopping lists and follow recipes and much more.  The aim for every activity is to encourage our young children to develop their own independent skills and to become active, confident, happy learners. 

If your child has a particular interest or you have a skill which you’d like them to develop please contact me and I will endeavour to plan an activity to support you.

Confident Communicator

This activity is aimed at developing your preschooler’s confidence and self-belief and will include a variety of activities.  Towards the end of the year we’ll host a small performance for family and friends to enjoy.


Letters & Sounds

The games played during this part of the session have been designed to focus children’s listening skills which will prepare them to hear initial letter sounds in words, to rhyme and in the future to blend and segment words.   The children will also become familiar with the Jolly Phonics songs – a scheme used in Reception which supports the teaching of phonics.

Dough Disco. Every Session has to End - but they’ll be more again next week!


Each session will conclude with a ‘Dough Disco’ routine, this focuses on developing and strengthening muscles in the hands and fingers in order to improve fine muscle control.  This will prepare your preschoolers to be happy and confident in their future of painting, drawing, cutting, construction play and much more.

Time for a Cuppa

Each session will include a complimentary hot drink and a biscuit.

Which standards in the EYFS will these sessions cover?

(EYFS Statutory Framework. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS, including childminders, preschools, nurseries and school reception classes.)

Our sessions will focus on standards set for pre-schoolers 30-50 months, which says that children should initiate play & form relationships with peers, can select and use activities & resources with help, can take turns and share resources with help, listen to others, listens to stories, joins in with repeated phrases, is able to follow directions & responds to simple instructions, builds up vocabulary that reflects their experiences, moves freely with pleasure and confidence adjusting speed and direction to negotiate space, can catch a ball and stand on one foot, draws lines and circles, uses one-handed tools, can copy some letters, knows that print carries meaning, sometimes gives meaning to marks they draw, recites numbers in order to 10, knows that numbers identify how many objects are in a set, sometimes matches numeral and quantity, uses positional language, shows an interest in shapes, beginning to talk about shapes of everyday objects e.g. ‘tall’, can talk about significant events in their own lives and knows some of the things they’ve observed such as plants and animals, talk about why things happen and show a care for living things, know how to operate simple equipment, shows an interest in technological toys, sings a few familiar songs, joins in with dancing and ring games, taps out simple related patterns, learns how sounds and colours can be changed, uses various construction materials, engages in imaginative role-play, builds stories around toys, creates props to support role play, plays cooperatively as part of a group.

“Lily thoroughly enjoyed reinacting the Goldilocks’ story with the other children in her group at the Hop-a-long session. She learnt how to use the mixing equipment (including a hand whisk which she’s not used before) to make a special porridge for the baby, mummy and daddy bear. She chatted to the other children about the sizes that should be used by each bear and how daddy bear needed the big bowl because he will need to eat more! 

It was great because the activity can be done without us helping her too much, we could see on the information card what the outcome is supposed to be and understand what they were learning for their age. She was able to explore the activity on her own and she understood that it was from the story of Goldilocks because of all the related equipment.” Louise 

Lily is 3 years old


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sessions are run by a Qualified Teacher & Early Years Specialist of 20 years experience.

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