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New to Early Years and need some Support and Advice?  
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Through my background as a school teacher over the last 20 years, I have acquired a raft of advice, support and knowledge which I would love to share with you.


I would be delighted to come into your setting and work alongside you and your pre-schoolers to demonstrate how short, focused group work vastly enhances children’s learning.  According to your requirements, I can help to embed the children’s skills into their play and support you with ideas on how to further develop your areas of need.

Below I’ve identified a few key areas which you might welcome some support with.

Letter & Sounds

As we all are so aware that learning through play is paramount to a child’s learning and retention of new information, I have adapted activities from within the Government’s Letters & Sounds scheme so that they’re both fun and have a direct educational impact.  Learning to listen for short periods and distinguish between environmental sounds, enables children to listen for initial letter sounds and begin to rhyme and blend.  

I would love to share some fun ways to teach phonics using Jolly Phonics which incorporates learning letter sounds with actions, dancing and musical instruments.  This is a fun and easy activity which engages the children in their learning, and will fit well within your current methods.  I could offer and model focused activities and suggest ways to incorporate these within your areas of learning.  
Books Books Books

Many state nurseries now provide children with ‘reading’ books to take home.  A number of private providers are considering a trial of these schemes.  I can provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of such schemes, and help you to set it up as necessary.  

Areas of Learning within your Early Years Setting
Every area within our Early Years provisions should have a positive impact on our children and their learning. If you have an area of provision which does not engage the children for a sustained amount of time, I can offer an experienced outsider’s perspective to suggest alterations that will enhance their learning environment.  Small changes can make a dramatic impact on how the children engage, learn and play within the area.
Talk for Writing
A child who has good story language inevitably finds communicating, reading and writing easier.   Pie Corbett’s scheme ‘Talk for Writing’ has been popular in schools for a while now.  The reason it has lasted so long is that it’s fun, focuses on how children learn and is seen to have raised attainment.  I mention it here as I’ve adapted these popular stories, shortening their length to make them useable for Early Years. These books are a positive introduction to reading and help to improve children’s confidence and extend their vocabulary.
'Wake-Up, Shake-Up'
I helped to pilot the ‘Wake & Shake scheme’, which has become extremely popular throughout Early Years settings.  I would love to share how to use this enjoyable activity to achieve enhanced balance and coordination, using movements that cross the midline and incorporating my own choreography and music to support these dances.  
Dough Disco.
Many Nurseries, Early Years and Key Stage One teachers now offer Dough Disco sessions as a fun way to strengthen their children’s finger muscles.  I can run a few sessions with your children to demonstrate the key movements, giving you the confidence to incorporate this novel method into your learning activities.  
Teaching maths to pre-schoolers can be very rewarding.  I can demonstrate how to use Numicon to support your children’s learning.  This can enhance counting (1-100, in 5s and 10s, backwards from 20) and number recognition, and can achieve comprehensive mathematical understanding alongside other elements of the curriculum such as size, weight and shape. 
Support for Parents
We all aim to make every child in our setting a confident and happy one.  This requires the intensive support of the parents at home, but many don’t know how to engage with Early Years learning.  I can help by setting up Support Meetings with parents with the aim of increasing their understanding of phonics, maths and learning through play.  Simply knowing what type of questions to ask their child can enable parents to be confident in supporting their child’s learning at home. 
Little Drama
Parents love the opportunity to see what their child is capable of achieving and there’s never a prouder moment than when they achieve something in front of an audience.  This could be a Christmas production, end of year concert or a performance of your latest ‘Talk for Writing’ book.  Many nursery settings put on a ‘little sing-song’ for parents but, if you’d like to really stand-out, a performance is so much more rewarding for all.  If you would like to offer this to your children and parents but you’re not sure what would work or where to start I could support you with this.
Develop your Behavioral Schema Skills

Understanding Schemas used by children in their play is the most vital asset for your children’s development. I can provide training on Schemas, help you to improve your planning to take account of children’s various schemas. I can work alongside you to observe your children during their play and help you to identify their schemas. Moving forward we can plan for groups of children who have the same schemas.

Run Your Own Franchise

The package that we offer is currently being updated.  To run a franchise you must have experience and qualifications for educating young children.  

For further details please contact Rachel Ford at hop.a.long@icloud.com



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Please email Rachel at hop.a.long@icloud.com


sessions are run by a Qualified Teacher & Early Years Specialist of 20 years experience.

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